Fantail is a cricket equipment brand based in Auckland, New Zealand, supported by highly engaged and loyal customers worldwide.

We pride ourselves as a company that represents the push towards taking responsibility for our effect on the environment and taking steps to make a positive difference. One of those steps is donating 5% of each order to causes we believe in on land and at sea.

In 2024 Fantail will continue to set up our wholesale business plan to sell our products to like-minded retailers worldwide. Accomplishing this next step will cut down the costs of shipping and taxes while also giving our customers easier access to our products.

EST. 2015

After being founded in 2015 by Blake Shattock out of his garage, Fantail has grown into an exclusive cricket brand . With our shipping & retail partners, we have ensured that our customers can order Fantail products no matter where they are in the world.

Why Fantail?

Our first cricket bat workshop was a small garage in St Heliers, Auckland. There was always native birds flying around, the Fantail being one of them. The Fantail is a native bird to New Zealand; however, they can also be found around the world, and with its friendly and inquisitive behaviour, we thought it was an easy choice to represent our brand.


Alongside our core values; Community, Environment, Transparency and Innovation, Fantail strives to always be on top of the game. Ensuring the newest looks and quality products you can invest in and see yourself using for seasons to come.


For wholesale inquiries and customer support.

Email: support@fantail.store

Physical Address:
84C Elizabeth Knox Place
St Johns, Auckland 1072
New Zealand

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