Cricket Bat Care & Maintenance


If you have had your bat knocked in by Fantail Cricket please move to the ‘Match Ready’ step. If you haven’t please read the following.

Before you start knocking in your new Fantail bat it needs two coats of Linseed oil. Oiling the bat both protects and moistens the new wood. To do this you require raw linseed oil. Apply the oil lightly with your fingers. Apply the oil to the face, edge, toe and back of the bat with care avoiding any stickers or the splice of the bat. After oiling each time place the bat horizontally too dry. We recommend the use of Fantail Bat wax to be used throughout the season to help the bat retain it’s moisture it also helps to reject any excess moisture and dirt. Please be careful not to saturate or over oil the bat.


Once you have oiled your bat you can start the knocking in process. With your specialised bat mallet start hitting the blade repeatedly with even blows across the length and width. Start with light to medium knocks gradually increasing the power of the knock. Pay special attention to the edges and toe of the bat, which should be struck at 45 degrees to the blade and use lighted strokes. this will help to harden and slightly round the edges to protect it from edge shots. Also be careful hitting towards the toe area, as this is a very fragile area of the bat hence light strokes should be used. Knocking-in takes patience and we recommend roughly 2-3 hours should be adequate. Do not try to knock on the edge of the bat at 90 degrees to the blade, the back of the bat (which is in contact with the ground) or the splice area.


Before using your new Fantail bat for match play we recommend using the bat for light net sessions with an old cricket ball to asses if it is ready to play start with a slow pace and slowly build up. Should small seam indentations or fine cracks appear, return to knocking in with an old ball, as the blade is not ready yet. Repeat this process until the issue stops occurring.


It is natural for your cricket bat to develop surface cracks during normal usage. Surface cracks may appear more frequently with the age of the bat and is a sign of maturity. This does not affect the performance of your cricket bat and some cracking is expected. We do recommend the use of a facing and or fibreglass tape or liquid super glue which helps reduce surface cracking and increase the longevity of your Fantail bat. Should you be concerned about surface cracking please feel free to contact us or drop it off toπ be repaired by us.


Being made of natural material there is no definite time frame within which your bat will last. To obtain the maximum life and performance please adhere to the care and preparation instructions. Constantly monitor the blade of your bat, maintain and store it correctly especially in moist or wet environments. We highly recommend having a toe guard and facing on your bat as well as getting an annual service.


Should your bat suffer damage please remove it from play straight away and consult Fantail Cricket or cricket specialist for repair. Damage should be fixed straight away without continuing to play. Should this be a warranty circumstance it must go through our normal warranty claim procedures as listed above. Fantail will not be responsible for reimbursement of monies for repairs undertaken without our prior instruction.


Please ensure you store your bat correctly especially in the offseason. We recommend that you store your bat in a cool dry area from excessive temperature changes. Your Fantail bat should not be left in warm areas e.g. in front of heaters, in-car boots etc as this may promote drying out or warping of the wood. This may lead to further problems.


We offer a limited warranty against any fault of manufacture on all Fantail Bats for a total period of 12 months.. This warranty covers all repairs required that are caused as a result of reasonable use of the Fantail Cricket bat. Repairs carried out within  12 month warranty period are free of charge, though there is normally a return post and packing charge. Subsequent repair and servicing is chargeable. Reasonable use involves, and is limited to, the using of the Fantail Cricket cricket bat to hit balls specifically designed for use in the sport of cricket. If the Fantail Cricket cricket bat is deemed un-repairable within a 6 month period then a free replacement will be offered. Fantail Cricket Ltd reserve the right to renege on this warranty if they believe that the bat has been used in ways not deemed reasonableFantail Cricket Ltd also reserve the right to renege on this warranty if labels were removed or chosen not to be applied. No cash refunds will be offered and the postage costs relating to the returning of bats will be borne by the customer.

Should you believe a warranty claim to be necessary, the product must be returned to us for inspection. Proof of purchase is required to be provided for any claim to be valid.

 The warranty period does NOT include the following;

  • Misuse

  • Insufficient knocking in and preparation prior to use

  • Superficial cracking

  • Damaged edges or toe, or excessive use

  • Bats used against bowling machines are not returnable as these especially damage cricket bats.

In the case of replacement product, the remaining warranty period on the existing product only will be carried onto the replacement bat.